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About me Mr5.me

Age: born in 1968
Gender: (M) Male
Color: red on the inside
City: Roskilde
Favorite Music: Please see my Music page
Favortitbooks: Game benchmarks from computers test - doh :) etc. etc. ...
Favorite TV show: Spin City to programs about mental fitness, against stress etc. etc
Favorite Movies: The Lord of the Rings, Matrix, etc. etc.
My interests: To get as much as I can for my money as possible
okay and a bit of html to - I have setup this webpage me self :)

Occupation: Too little!
Enjoy: Coca cola and chocolate while I play:)
Taste: If there is fun and it is unhealthy, I am in! aslong as it dont violates the human rights
belief: I believe in "Stop the finding errors and fault with others and the world !" - Free your mind instead Pinocchio
What I mean with free is that you get free form what is keeping you down inside your self !!!
read about Pinocchio - click here !!!
Sex: What about sex ? For me sex is this: 6 in mutual respect makes a better world

Deeper into Mr5.me

I will try to take you to the game side of Mr5.me

I offen find my self Bored watching TV or movies, desired something more ! So what to do about that ? Play computer games ! I offen play singelplayer in easy mode, that is so relaxing.

I have stopped buying movies and now I just buy computer games and offen just because the environment of a game looks exciting ...

And if it get to hard I use the kode found on the internet, so in the singleplayer game I'm godlike, I can not die and can complete the game without to much hard work - insted of having a game I have payed for and never did finish. - yes I have crossed the 200 games by now ...

- godmode is in singelplayer because when you develop a game godmode is needed to test out the game :)
- and since godmode in the singelplayer game is there allready, I don't take it as that much a deal to do

And I allso use some of the stof from the internet, so I dont have to use the cd or dvd to play the games. - im just to lazy ! I dont know who is making it, but thanks ! - don't say this out load, since I do all I can to be all legal - but even I can fail .|.

Cheat in Multi Player I dont understand ! You meet otheres in a public place and if you cheat it is like saying, I dont respect you, I just want to pwn you for all cost. And allso that someone pays and maintance the game server !!! so cheat in multiplayer is for me people saying, I do what I want to on your expense :(

Use the server for newbies and stay away form the bad ass gameserver's if you get to much fragged ! There are gameserver's admins who take care of newbies and kick players who is good if they just come along to get cheap frags !!!

But what I do, when I get tired and still want to play, I play Monster Hunt / Invasion or what ever the game is called you just shoot monsters made from AI and with other players you shoot them - so relaxing :) - yes Hellgate London is a game like that !

Im old by now, but as said - I play computer games, you might say I'm addicted to computer games :)!
And yes it is fps First-person games monster shooter games !

I play eat and sleep ... Hey, so you have no life then ? "... no!" ... dont that make you feel good !

If so, you now know you have something out side your self that controls your mood - many people like to have there mood controled by the inside of them self, but you just let your mood control as you wish
- Wow im bad! sry that did slip my mouth ...

I play FPS online UT, FEAR Combat, COD 4, etc. etc. and in singelplayer I like to play games with more thrill in it!

Doom 3 is the only game that took me one year to get through - Quake 4 carried me in one blow! - Doom 3 was to scary, but super good game!

My playing skills level is medium, my strength is that I can't stop playing - doh :)

my strength is that I know it cost money and time to maintance a gameserver and that the people on the gameserver is there to have a great time

so I offen try what I call to help out, to keep those out who can't behave them selfs, like saying stop to find flaws with others, and we are here for fun and so on - to stick with a good atmosphere on the server / team.

I had a Clan and we were on clanbase.com and I have had a few gameservers now and then.
I have currently no Clan and is not a member of any Clan and have no gameserver and has no desire for it.

I have, rent a gameserver now and then, if there is a game I consider good, then I rent a gameserver for a little time.
I usually hires it from gameservers.com

Yes I did host my gameservers at home first, but as time did go I saw that the electricity bill + internet connection bill + maintenance of the server + the noise/ dust + as I did get new games they did cost to, because to stay legal, i did buy at least two copy of each game, one for the gameserver and one to play with + the upgrade of the gameserver did cost, since new games did need better hardware so in the end, it was cheaper to rent a gameserver then host one at home - if they are online 24/7 !

And then I did not have the problem to give those I did trust access to the gameservers config / adding maps, and admin rights to game server supporteres who did help keep those who can not behave them self out form the gameserver etc. etc.

If you like to play online, so remember to check out www.clanbase.com and www.esl.eu esl is where the proffesionell players are.

If you wounder if someone that have played computer games has ever become rich by it, I must unfortunately disappoint you, there is! About Johnathan Wendel

How is it to be older and play computer games ?
It is hard! My finger hurts when I play and my reaction has been a long summer = slow and my eyes seem as though they are slower !!!
I have among other things had to listen to my body and had to buy a office chair with high ridge, so I can elude from hearing so much nagging form my body :/.

So you see, games yes they are a part of my life - no life .|. But I love it :)

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